Remember Who You Are (Binaural Beat Meditations)

by Water Magister, Momentology



Remember Who You Are is a collaboration of meditative tracks from David Andrew Rodriguez (The Water Magister), Patrick Kiebzak (Momentology), and Jon Galdr created to assist you in the expansion of self through Astral Projection and deeper states of meditation.

The tank drum played is tuned to 432hz and has a sigil of Cho Go Pal, which is the sigil of remembrance of who we are before we chose these physical bodies.

This album utilizes the audio-technology of Binaural Beats to entrain brain's waves into states from low Delta (Deep sleep and relaxation) to high Gamma.

If you would like more information about the tank drum in track 1 & 3, visit:


released May 25, 2017

Patrick Kiebzak - Production, Shamanic Sound Sculpting & Atmospheric Design, Binaural Beat Programming

David Andrew Rodriguez - Tank Drum track 1, 3

Jon Galdr - Tank Drum track 2



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Momentology Lake Worth, Florida

Patrick Kiebzak "Momentology" blends rich layers of organic soundscapes with elements of electronic dance music, live instrumentation, vibrational healing frequencies, and indigenous wisdom teachings. The vision of Momentology music exists as an awakened dance floor through invigorating and nourishing musical journeys. Momentology features a diverse range of musicians, creating synergy. ... more

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