by Momentology



Ecotone has been carefully crafted to deliver a playful, sacred, and transformational experience. Utilizing acoustic instruments, sounds of nature, sacred frequencies, and a tribe of light workers, Ecotone creates an electronic and organic musical experience that redefines the potential that music holds.

You are invited to embark on this path, as we journey together in a golden bubble of love and expression.


released October 10, 2014

Creation & Production - Patrick "Momentology" Kiebzak
Support - See individual tracks for support crew.



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Momentology Lake Worth, Florida

Patrick Kiebzak "Momentology" blends rich layers of organic soundscapes with elements of electronic dance music, live instrumentation, vibrational healing frequencies, and indigenous wisdom teachings. The vision of Momentology music exists as an awakened dance floor through invigorating and nourishing musical journeys. Momentology features a diverse range of musicians, creating synergy. ... more

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Track Name: MetaMoksha
There you are
Track Name: This Light
You are ever expanding light.

Welcome to the journey of This Light!
This light is inside each one of us and travels all the way inside of our earth, through us, out in to the world roun due, and straight up into the sky.
This light radiates farther than we can even imagine, and it is infinite - it has no beginning and no end. This light is ABUNDANT! And that is a gift. So hold on tight and embrace this light. And even if you let it go you can always grab it again

Rachel Graham - This light is indestructible
Ruth “Momma” Kiebzak - This light is full of love
Steve Baccus - This light peaks through the smallest of openings
Joe Tedesco - This light shines on all, unconditionally.
Blair Welcome - This light is within you, and touches every being around you.
Jeremiah Collins - This precious light is radiating from it’s center, where there’s a black hole.
Zipporah Walker - This light kisses the clouds, shines through the ocean, and … swims with the fishes. LOL
Patrick “Momentology” Kiebzak - This light was asked the question “who did you make smile today?” and replied “Nobody…. WAS LEFT OUT!”

This light, this light, this light. x2
This light, peaks.
This light, this light, this light
It touches every being around you.

Casandra Tennanbaum - This light is jumping… in JOY.

Patrick “Momentology” Kiebzak - This light sometimes gets weird. Awweee I’m just kidding.

Blair & Patrick - This light gets funky!!

Kole Burke, Emily Andari, Patrick - This light flows, and flows, and flows.

Emily Andari - Invincible, impenetrable, that is the essence of this light. The toric motion of alchemy, transmuting all energy, outside of duality, creation source, first breath force.

Matt Salley - This light permeates, saturates sets me free. The only way to be i LOVE THIS, moment that I’m standing in.

[Sub Chorus]

Drex - This light is hydrogen times pi, expanding out into the universe at the speed of light
Catching up with the event horizons of black holes as far the eye can see
The brightest objects in the universe.

Tiana Zoumer - This light is breaking through. It’s rising and shining; it’s showing us the way to another day.

Cassie McKenny - This light is 8 minutes and 32 seconds old

Mary Jane Schroeder - This light is eruptive, electric, and makes me want to juggle

Robert HeartThis ball, is juggling, AHHHH this ball.. this light is ballin'

This light comes in waves traveling billions of miles across the universe just to show you how beautiful the world is

This light is our source spark
This light we use to light the fires that keep us warm
This light we spread
It illuminessss..
It warms
It radiates
Track Name: Love Without Limits (Featuring Lori Reyes)
These flowing pools and waterfalls are used to cleanse and heal.

Envision yourself unlocking your own capacity for growth and then reaching beyond yourself to touch the ones you love.

Love without limits

Love freely and deeply

Love unconditionally

Love infinitely

Transition to the Infinite

Healing waters cleansing and rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit.

Allow the sacred invitation of your breath to unfold before you

I acknowledge that the universe is unlimited potential and all is transpiring in perfect divine order in my life

Allow the sacred invitation of life to unfold

A deep sense of peace and wisdom permeates this ancient sacred place

Relax with your positive intentions as your bring your finest dreams and visions into this reality.

These flowing pools and waterfalls are used to cleanse and heal.

This information is continuously entering consciousness through this heliographic (holographic) divine matrix and is available to anyone who chooses to tune into it’s lessons
Track Name: Medicinal Machinery (Featuring Cosmic Mirror)
To the winds of the south, Great Sachamama,
Anaconda, let us shed our past like your skin
Sliding so softly upon Pachamama,
Allow us to let that beauty back in

To the winds of the west Mama Puma,
Teach us to live, impeccably… in peace
Protect our space and show us the way
Beyond death so we, can clearly see

To the winds of the north O’ Hummingbird
Ancestors, we’ve come to learn
So please come warm your hands by our fires
And whisper to the wind in your cosmic choir

To the winds of the east, Great Eagle Condor
Join us from the place of the rising sun
So we can achieve anything we dream
Knowing our place as great spirits Godson

Mother Earth, Father Sun,
Grandmother Moon, Starry Ones
O’ Mystery, we pray to you,
To thank you in gratitude

There are prophecies, for our preservation
That those will rise, from every nation
With Wisdom, Strength, Inspiration and Love
For all of our relations

For the Stone People, Plant People
Those outdoors, on all fours
The two legged and the little bugs
The finned, the furred and the winged onezzzz

So let’s pray we, will one day see
The fulfillment of the Eagle Condor prophecy

Mixin indigenous wisdom with technology
And bringin in a new, eon of peace

Where we believe, because we feel and see
These energies, so we will know they’re real

Where heart, intuitive and mystical
Mixes with our brains, logical and rational

Passionately actual, mixing yang and yin
Bringing balance between feminine and masculine

And it’s like, a cultural cure to end war
Heal the sick, and feed the poor

So banish the word struggle, this is sacred celebration
When our heads and hearts are in the right relation
And the eagle, and the condor can soar
For we are the ones we’ve been waiting for
Track Name: Giving (Featuring Momentology)
As we can easily manifest almost any sound into existence through our vocal chords, instruments, computer programs, and simply observing and recording nature we can just as easily manifest anything we can possibly imagine anything we want into existence through our thoughts, intentions, and actions.

We have the opportunity to use this power to transform ourselves, and the world around us

Anything you can imagine can be created by you.

Simply BE it.

You want peace?
be peaceful

You want love?
Be loving

You want to see a transformed world?
Be the transformation

You get to pass this on to others
and you get to Give Give Give --
You will receive more than you give
Then you keep on giving

And you keep giving

What an amazing time to be alive on this planet.

We are PURE potential
We are infinite possibility

and that right there..
is worth celebrating.

I invite you to celebrate your life
Right now, and every day

Celebrate by doing what you love to do
and do it the best you can

and share this gift with others.

Because you are so unique, nobody else on this planet does what you do as good as you do!

The gifts you have are WORTH sharing, and this, my friends, is what I invite you into.